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We founded Line Provisions to create high-quality, organic products we'd want to use ourselves! As people who spend most of our free time between the mountains and the ocean, we found our solution to the aches and pains that come after these adventures in an organic hemp farm in the prairies of Colorado. Our passion to create products that we know are effective and useful - and make them in an environmentally conscious way - guide our every step.
As graduates and veterans of the National Park Service and the outdoor industry, sustainability and environmental impact have driven us from the absolute start, and continues to guide our decision making. As a Benefit Corporation LOREM IPSUM...


Benefit Corporation

 As a Benefit Corporation, our goal is to think about our environmental impact

Giving Back

% to non-profits

Extraction Practices

Growing and harvesting practices - non-gmo, regenerative, organic

CBD, not THC - CBD is the most well known cannabinoid found in hemp. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and has a wide variety of health benefits. CBD has been shown to aid in pain relief, reduce inflammation, treat insomnia, and suppress tumor growth, among many other positive effects.

Extraction process/Quality control

We use advanced molecular distillation technology to increase cannabinoid potency. This process removes much of the chlorophyll and plant waxes that exist in “raw” extracts, giving our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate a mild taste and golden profile. Dark in color, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Our “raw” extract contains a full phyto-cannabiniod profile.

Fair Labor

TBD from CC or other

Recycled packaging


Lab certificates of analysis (includes link to page that has more info and the current cert) All batches we produce are sent to one of our authorized 3rd Party Labs for complete analysis.

Manufacturing facilities

(solar, LEED, etc)

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